Thank you!

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Marian National Taiwan University

First, I would like to thank all the teachers in this program for being so
devoted, patient, and encouraging. We learned a lot from you. Thank you.
Second, I would like to thank the volunteers from Student Association. They
selflessly dedicated their time to helping us, designing creative activities, and
boosting our interest in learning Japanese. You helped us a lot. Thank you.
Third, I would like to thank my classmates for being so patient and willing to
help when I have trouble finding the words to say in Japanese. I had a great time
learning Japanese with you. Thank you.
Last but not least, I would like to thank Tanaka San and Aiko San, for always
being so energetic and warm-hearted. You have helped us a lot in keeping learning
Japanese. Thank you.
This is a highly rewarding program, and a great experience for me. I would like
to recommend such programs to people I know or people who are interested in
learning Japanese. I hope to take more courses like this at Ritsumeikan University.
And I would like to welcome all of you to join me.
Thank you all for this wonderful program!

William Shenzhen University

To be honest, it’s my great pleasure to take part in this program. I think I would not take part in if Wen Hua didn’t invite me one month ago though I’m interested in Japanese anime and culture.

Well. I’ve learned a lot during the lessons including many words and some grammars. The teachers are attentive, conscientious and funny. I enjoy learning with them. I also learned lots of things in the Student Session including some 関西弁 like めっちゃ、ええよ. It’s a great time practicing the scripts with my partners for the アフレコ, too. Studying 漢字 and challenging the tong twisters also make me a lot of fun. Tabata training may makes me a little bit tired but it is worthy. These are pretty enjoyable periods of time.

However, all good things must come to an end. We finally come to the end of RWXP1. Being separated from all of you may makes me feel a bit lonely but this is life.

Hoping that I can be skilled enough to write in Japanese instead of English by the time we meet next time.

I will miss you and wish that we could meet some day.

Serina Shenzhen University


まず,先生たちとすきやねんのメンバー皆はそんなに親切で、優しくて、いろいろな面白いものを教えてくれました。本当に感謝します。井上先生と吉田先生は授業がとても面白かったです。私はいつも笑いました。楽しい雰囲気に包まれて,2週間を過ごした。田中先生は毎日元気満々みたいです。毎朝彼を見ると 気分がこころよくなる!私もやる気満々になりました!



すきやねんも本当に本当に面白かったです。関西弁とかアフレコとか早口言葉とか漢字の名前とか、私は昔からは興味があります。今回は勉強できてよかったです!すごく楽しかったです!でも,フリーチャットのパートは時々ちょっと気まずいです。決まった話題がないと、何を言っているのか急に分かりませんでした。いくつかの話題を出したほうがいいですよ。(I don’t mean that free chat was not good, it was also very fantastic and interesting most of the time! Just occasionally when we didn’t know what to talk about, it became silent and a little bit embarrassed. I think it was our poor Japanese skill that limited our free chat, and we still felt shy to start topics, so I think maybe in this part the members of sukiyanenn can also lead or provide some topics and guide our free chat.)

とにかく,そんなに楽しくて、忘れない思い出をくれてありがとうございます!修了式の時,私はとても感動でした。皆が大好きです、であえて本当によかったです。私はもっと頑張ります。必ず日本語の勉強を続けます。TABATAも続けます (≧▽≦)/!


Vivian Shenzhen University






Jenny Chinese University of Hong Kong

First and foremost, thank you so much to all the instructors, staff and
students from Ritsumeikan University. I am glad to find this program and
participate in it as well.
During the whole program, we took Japanese lessons in the morning and
met up with students in the afternoon. We learned a lot of useful daily
expressions in Japanese improved our conversational skills in Japanese
with our instructors and had fun learning Kansai dialect, doing after
recordings, learning Japanese tongue twister, comparing Chinese
characters with Japanese Kanji characters and so on with students. I
completely understand how hard it could be to have interaction and
communication virtually but not actually especially in this period.
However, all the members from Ritsumeikan University who are really
well organized and well prepared did it quite well. I laughed a lot and felt
so involved in every zoom meeting. Oh, I could not forget how engaging it
was to do Tabata training with you all, by the way.
It is a pleasure to see all of you online though we can not see each other
face to face currently. Hopefully, we could get together one day and
thank you again! 皆さん、ありがとうございます!

ウンファ Shenzhen University

李汶泰 北京航空航天大学



Student Sessionでアフレコのことを必ず忘れられない。「最高にハイってやつだ!」というセリフも必ず忘れられない!そして、関西弁を学んだことが心に残っている。「おかん」や「おとん」や「ちゃう」なども覚えている。



侯伯尧 北京航空航天大学



Student Sessionも面白かったです。関西弁、アフレコ、フリートーク、どれも心に残っている。特にアフレコは、好きなアニメに自分の声をささげて、自分の隠れている部分を引き出そうとするのは楽しかったです。最初は自信がちょっと足りませんでしたけど、でもみんなに好評をもらって、だんだん「私、できるかもしれない」と思わせられました。関西弁も面白かったです。イントネーションが標準語と違って、話すときはさっぱりした気分になれると感じました。



趙若氷 北京航空航天大学






ピサヌ クムミー Pibulsongkram Rajabhat University

In my life, I have many experiences, meet daily. There are many experiences that could qualify as life-changing. The learning too, when February, Ritsumeikan University of Japanese class has started then so early morning. I woke up in the early morning with an exciting feel too. Since the start of the class, I have met many friends, whether they are Japanese or Chinese, for example. Mr. Lee, Ms. Zhao, or Mr. Hao In this Japanese language course, I have studied with Japanese teachers, whether it is in reading or grammar, various cultures I have learned. And it made me realize the disadvantages of myself that I did not know before and met and learned this time, in my point of view, everyone is very kind, teaching me things I don't know.

Studying in this program, I realized my disadvantage that I have weaknesses in Kanji and weakness in vocabulary. It also lets me know that the Chinese people are very diligent in studies their studies and have always had a thirst for studying, so I realized that I should take the example of my friends who have met in school. This is to be adapted to themselves for the best benefit for self. In the past 2 weeks, I learned about Japanese culture and in different cultures, languages, doing new things, and being assertive about doing things with people you just know. So I can make friends as both Chinese and Japanese. I learned how to apply my knowledge to do activities with every Sukiyanen. And during the 2 weeks of studying in this program, I strongly saw the weaknesses that I had learned in reading with teachers.

Today, when I saw my flaws, I wanted to apply what I learned in this class to make myself more capable and thirsty for studying. And will apply the knowledge and experience learned from all teachers and Sukiyanen in the future. Thank you for your support