Matters to Be Observed


For Ritsumeikan Summer / Winter Japanese Program


I. Conditions of acceptance

1. Prior-notification

  1. 1 If RU judges that the Participant is no longer able to participate in the program or to continue the program, he/she shall follow the judgment. In this case, if he/she is in Japan, he/she shall leave Japan immediately.
  2. Should the Participant return to the Participant’s home country due to the preceding item, even if his/her health recovers, his/her return to the Program shall not be permitted due to educational reasons.
  3. The Participant shall report all previous and present illnesses or medications in use by providing RU with the “Application Form” in advance. The participant shall also provide a medical certificate which proves their ability to participate in the program.

2. Accident and sickness management

  1. Should the Participant be required to be treated as an inpatient due to an injury or sickness, he/she shall report it to RU immediately and follow the instruction of the university staff.
  2. Should RU make the decision that assistance from the guarantor is required, the Participant shall gain approval from the guarantor in advance. In this regard, the Participant shall pay the expenses.
  3. Should the Participant attend the Program and symptoms of a previous or present illness worsen, RU shall not be responsible for financial or other liabilities. The Participant shall pay any relevant expenses.
  4. Should medical treatment or operation be required, if time limitations do not allow for obtainment of a consent from the Participant or his/her guarantor, he/she shall consent to the treatment or operation at the discretion of the university staff in charge.

3. Required process for program participation

  1. Should the request for withdrawal be made after receiving the notification of acceptance, the notification of acceptance and required documents for visa application shall be returned to RU immediately.
  2. Personal information on the application form or any other documents submitted to RU shall be shared with the health center at RU. Also, the information shall be sent to the third parties including compensation insurance companies, risk and crisis management companies, accommodations, and organizers of cultural activities for the purpose of procedures related to travel and participations.
  3.  Application forms and other required documents shall not be returned.

4. Risk Management and disclaimer

  1. The Participant is liable for any debt incurred during his/her stay.
  2. The Participant shall not hold RU responsible, monetarily or otherwise, should he/she cause an accident or become ill by his/her own negligence or in circumstances that are out of the control by RU.
  3. The Participant shall bear sole responsibility for dealing with matters such as theft or damages of his/her personal items, traffic accidents, criminal cases, or other matters that may arise outside of the control by RU.
  4. If the Participant causes any damage to RU, deliberately or by gross negligence, he/she is liable to compensate for the damages according to the law.

II. Regulations

  1. The Participant shall understand the purpose and objective of the program and participate in Japanese classes and activities with an active and diligent attitude.
  2. The Participant shall restrain from any actions that will dishonor RU and the university that he/she belongs to.
  3. During the Participant’s stay, he/she shall observe the regulations of Japan, the area where he/she stays and RU. In a case where an action or item (including drinking and smoking) is considered legal in his/her own country.
  4. During the Program, the Participant shall be aware of being a program participant and shall behave in a good manner.
  5. During the Program, the Participant shall follow the instructions by the university staff, shall abide by the law, and shall not disturb public order.
  6. The Participant shall manage his/her health, bring enough medical supplies for the duration of the stay, and a letter of reference from the care provider in charge.
  7. The Participant shall follow the regulations of the accommodation.
  8. The Participant shall not purchase or ride any vehicles including bicycles, cars or motorbikes.