5 weeks program (RSJP1, RSJP2 and RWJP)

Program Time Date Remarks
RSJP1, RSJP2, RWJP (1) 09:00-9:50



Mon-Fri (1) 50 mins class

(2) 3 classes a day

(3) Total 3,450 mins

2 weeks program (RSJP Express, RWJP Express)

Program Time Date Remarks
RSJP Express, RWJP Express (1) 09:00-9:50



or afternoon class

Mon-Fri (1) 50 mins class

(2) 3 classes a day

(3) Total 1,350 mins


◆Class Level Description



・No previous study

・Able to read Hiragana and Katakana before arrival in Japan

*The Introductory class will be available for only RSJP2 and RWJP, not for RSJP1.

*Minimum number of participants for this class is 10. When a minimum number of participants is not achieved, the Introductory class will not be offered.


・About 150 hours of previous study

・Able to read and write Hiragana, and carry out conversation using simple sentences and words

・Completed Genki L1-5, NAKAMAⅠCh.1-7, Minna no Nihongo L1-L12


・About 250 hours of previous study

・Able to carry out conversations using simple sentences and words. Has studied Kanji.

・Completed Genki L6-12, NAKAMAⅠCh.8-NAKAMAⅡCh.4, Minna no Nihongo L13-L25

Beginner Ⅲ

・About 300 hours of previous study

・Knowledge of 200 Kanji. Able to read sentences containing Kanji.

・Completed Genki L13-23, NAKAMAⅡCh.5-10, Minna no Nihongo L26-L50


・About 450 hours of previous study

・Completed beginner level textbook such as Genki, Minna no Nihongo, etc.


・About 550 hours of previous study

・Have started studying with intermediate level textbook such as Intermediate Japanese, Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese, etc.


・More than 750 hours of previous study

・In process of or have completed intermediate level Japanese, Tobira: Gateway to Advanced Japanese, Shin Nihongo no Chukyu etc.

Participants will be placed into classes depending on the information given in their application and essay written in Japanese. On the first day of Japanese class, they will take a placement test in the class.

*If your level of Japanese does not fit the level of your class, consult your Japanese teachers.

参加者(さんかしゃ)の皆(みな)さんは、申込時(もうしこみじ)に提出(ていしゅつ)いただいた日本語学習履歴(にほんご がくしゅう りれき)とエッセイ、日本語(にほんご)クラス初日(しょにち)でのプレイスメントテストによりクラス分(わ)けが実施(じっし)されます。