You can apply for the RWXP1. This is a program for all beginners.

Application deadlines are as follows.

RWXP1(Jan); Jan 07

RWXP2(Feb) : Jan 21

Japanese Language; 50 min x 3 class x 9 days = 1,350 min (22.5 hours)

Student Session: 90 min x 8 class = 720 min (12 hours)

You can do anything you want.

If you have any difficulties in the Japanese language, you can ask our students to help. Some postgraduate students are studying how to teach the Japanese language to international students and some undergraduate students are ready to be a friend. Make friends will help you to learn a new language more quickly!

It is 35,000 Japanese Yen. Successful applicants will receive our bank information to wire the program fee. Sorry but we don't take either credit cards or Paypal.

It is approximately 15 students in the class.

We will assign 2 or 3 teachers for each class for the program period. It means you will meet a different teacher every single day, not multiple teachers in the class same time. They are all licensed teachers.

Yes, they all from our university and are Japanese language professionals. Usually, they teach the Japanese language to international students almost every day. It means they don't teach math or science!

They will speak in Japanese. That is called the direct method.

It depends. One day you will review your class, the other day, you will practice your conversation with our students, play games, learn modern vocabulary.

We will not fix your partner to have more opportunities to meet new friends.

We will discuss it with our teacher. Please let us answer later.

Please wire your fee from your bank account. Unfortunately, we don't take credit cards or other payment methods. We will inform participants of our bank account.

If you still have any question, please contact us!