If you have any questions regarding RSJP/RWJP, please refer to this FAQ or contact us by e-mail.

  • 1.Requirement
  • I graduated from my university already. Am I still able to join the program?

    No, you’re not. You MUST be enrolled at a College, University or Graduate School during the program to apply. When you apply for our program, you will be asked to submit your home institute-issued official Certificate of Enrollment AND an official Academic Transcript. If you have already been accepted as a Graduate school student at any institution for your next semester, and are able to submit an official Certificate of Enrollment or a Notification of Acceptance, you can apply for our programs.

  • Am I able to apply for the program if I have never studied Japanese?

    Yes, RSJP2 and RWJP are available for those who have not previously studied Japanese. However, we recommend that all participants study at least hiragana and katakana before the program starts. RSJP1 is for only those who have studied Japanese before.

  • Can I join the program after it has already started? Or may I leave the program before the last day?

    No. All participants are required to attend fully from the first day to the last day of the program.

  • Do I need to apply for a student visa?

    No, you will be asked to apply for SHORT-TERM STAY visa. Please visit the web site below for more details.


  • If I download my transcript / enrollment from web site, is it acceptable?

    No, you must submit an official transcript and enrollment to file your application. The documents must be validated by your university or college.

  • 2.Accommodation
  • Can I arrange my accommodation by myself?

    No. For your safety reason, all participants need to stay in one of accommodations arranged by Ritsumeikan University.

  • Can I stay in the same room as my friend?

    In order to give everyone a cross-cultural experience, if you are staying in a room larger than a single room, you will be arranged with someone from another university or country.

  • Do you have an airport pick up service available?

    No, we don't arrange airport pick up services. Please take a shuttle or train to your accommodation.

    Airport Shuttle

    MK Shuttle

  • What time I can check in at the Taishogun dormitory?

    Please note;

    Check-in: 8:30 am to 9:00 pm on Monday, May 14 only.

    Check out: 8:30 am to 5:00 pm on Saturday, June 16 only.

    Please be careful when you book your flights and ground transportations. If you arrive later than the check-in time, no one may let you in.

  • Can I arrive the accommodation on the first day of the program?

    No, you have to arrive at our accommodation one day before program starts. If you flight plan does not allow you to arrive the designated arrival time, you must re-arrange your itinerary. No late arrival students will be accepted.

  • Can I leave one day or a few days before the program ends?

    No, you can't. If you leave before program ends, you will not receive completion certificate.

  • 3.Health Support
  • If I buy a travel insurance policy before my departure, can I see a doctor free of charge in Japan?

    No, you can’t. This depends of your insurance plan. Usually you will be asked to pay in Japanese yen by cash on the spot. You can use the receipt to claim your money back when you return to your home country if your insurance covers the costs.

  • I have a disease and I have been taking medicines for it. Am I able to get the same medicines that were prescribed for me in my country if I go to Japan?

    Pharmacies in Japan do not accept foreign issued prescriptions, and some types of medicines are prohibited. Please ask your Embassy or Consulate General before your departure regarding quantities and other regulations. Please note that most travel insurances will not cover any pre-existing medical conditions or chronic diseases.


    No, you need to visit a clinic to be completed by a Physician or Health Care Provider. Without their signature and stamp, we are unable to accept your form.
    The documents must be completed in English or Japanese. No other languages are acceptable. Unsuccessful forms will be returned to applicants. It must be within 6 months to the date.

  • 4.Study
  • Any scholarships available for participants?

    No, we don't offer any scholarships for participants.

  • How many credits do I receive?

    Our short-term programs are non-degree seeking. So you don't receive any credits from Ritsumeikan University. Students who wish to transfer the credits they earn through the program at Ritsumeikan University must consult their academic adviser or International Office at their home university beforehand in order to avoid any problems with the credit transfer. The students’ home university generally regulates the accreditation of credits.

  • When do I receive an transcript?

    Each student will be required to attend more than 2/3 of the classes to receive the transcript. After successful completion of the program, Ritsumeikan University will post a certified academic transcript to your home address in your country one month after the last day of the program. If the transcript needs to be sent directly to their home university, the students need to make a request beforehand.
    Your transcript and completion certificate are not reissue-able. Please keep in secure place for your future use.

  • 5.General
  • Can I arrive late to the program starts?

    No, you can't. All participants will be asked to join from the first day to the last day of program. Late arrival students will not be accepted.

  • Can I use GYM ?

    Yes, you can. Please join GYM orientation to receive a membership card. Please prepare your in-room-shoes and exercise ware.