Hello Students!

 You don't know anything about the Japanese Language? Don't worry. RSXP1 is a program for students who have never studied the Japanese Language before. Do you want to read Japanese MANGA more? You want to enjoy ANIME or KAWAII pop culture more? Start today to prepare for your next visit to Japan to enjoy more! Why don't you start to learn a new language with us!? Our great teachers and friendly students are waiting for you.

June 01 -  June 11, 2021

9 days total

JPY 35,000

Inc. Tuition, Service fee and Tax

Major Contents
Japanese Language:

1,350 min (50 min x 3 x 9 days)

Student Session: STUDY with our students

720 min (90 min x 8)

Current undergraduate and postgraduate students.

No high school students at the commencement of the program


Credit / Degree
No credit.

Intensive, non-degree seeking program

Required documents
  1. Photo ID (with your DOB)
  2. Enrollment
  3. Essay in Japanese if applicable
  4. Pledge


Hand write in Japanese

Letter of Consent

Date, Name and Sign


Sample schedule

Subject to change


Online application
Japanese50 min x 3 x 9 days
FeeJPY 35.000 Inc. service fee
CreditNon degree seeking
EligibilityCurrent undergraduate and post graduate
LevelIntroductory (ZERO beginners) to Lower Beginners(Zero to N5)
Minimum 15 students to start