Application web site has been closed.

Due to a large number of applications we have received, we decided to close our online registration site as of Oct. 30, 2019. 


Hello students,
Great opportunity for busy students! We are happy to offer you 2-weeks intensive Japanese language and culture experience in Kyoto.


Required Documents

Before you proceed our online registration web site, please have all required documents ready. You can find details about the document below.

Please have your university/college-issued official Transcript ready.

Please have your university/college-issued official Enrollment ready.

Please make an appointment with your physician and ask them to fill our form. You can find our forms here.

All fields must be filled out and validate by your physician including their signatures.


Please write essays in Japanese. Use our template below and follow the instructions.


Please make a photo copy of your passport.

To make a students' list for teachers. Nice and clear photo please!



Please download templates here.

Important dates

Application startsSep. 25, 2019online
Application deadlineNov. 22, 2019
Payment dueDec. 12, 2019Wire transfer
Check inFeb. 10, 2020Dormitory
Check outFeb, 22, 2020


Japanese language class1,350 min50 min x 3 class x 9 days
Japan Studies360 min90 min x 4 days

Program fee

JPY 107,100

Program fee: JPY 80,000
Accommodation: JPY 22,100
Service fee: JPY 5,000


*N1 holders are not able to participate in the program.
*No introductory class. You must master Hiragana and Katakana to participate in the program.
*Non degree seeking


International House TAISHOGUN
Ritsumeikan International Dormitory with quad rooms

2 x bunk-bed in your room.

Sample Schedule(Subject to change)

2020 Feb 10 Feb 11Feb 12Feb 13Feb 14Feb 15Feb 16
1st weekCheck inOrientation
Japanese Class
Welcome Party
Japanese Class
Japan Study
Japanese Class
Japan Study
Japanese ClassFreeFree
Feb, 17Feb 18Feb 19Feb 20Feb 21Feb 22
2nd weekJapanese Class
Japan Study
Japanese Class
Japanese Class
Japan Study
Japanese ClassJapanese Class
Farewell Party
Check out

Including following items:
Ritsumeikan Students BUDDY
Certificate of Completion
Visa application documents(if necessary)
Notification of Acceptance
Campus Free Wi-Fi



Please proceed to our 2020 RWJP EXPRESS online registration site.


As of Oct. 30, 2019, we have made a decision to close application web site for 2020 RWJP Express. Thank you for your interest.