Dear 2019 RWJP Express applicants,

Welcome to 2019 Ritsumeikan University Winter Japanese Program – Express (RWJP-Exp)!
Before you proceed our application site below, please prepare following documents.

Check your eligibility:

(1) Currently an undergraduate or graduate student. and

(2) Able to communicate in English or in basic Japanese.

Please also note: “Introductory” class is not available in RSJP1 and “N1” holders are not able to participate in  RWJP.

(1) University/College issued OFFICIAL Enrollment.

Official or Validated- With an authorized signature by faculty or with an official stamp/seal.

(2) University/College issued OFFICIAL Transcript.

Official or Validated- With an authorized signature by faculty or with an official stamp/seal.

(3) Your handwritten Essays in Japanese 

Please use our temple and fill out on your own. No dictionary, translation software or someone’s support. Read instructions carefully.


Please have a photocopy of your biological information including your legal full name, your date of birth, nationality, gender, expiry date and photo. Make a clear photocopy, please.

(5)Letter of Consent 

Please read carefully and sign to submit.

(6) Your Photo

We need your photo to identify you.

(7) Your Health Certificate Form for International Students

Please use our official health certificate and be completed by your healthcare provider within 6 months from the issue date.

We need his/her signature and stamp on page 1, 3 and 4.  Please read all the instructions. Many documents are returned to participants every year. It will cause delay or be refused to participate in the program. It takes some time to be completed.

How to fill out the health certificate   

Instruction of the health certificate

When you are ready all above, please proceed our application web site below.

Please note: The due date will be Nov. 22, 2018, Japan Time. The online registration site will be closed on that date.

2019 RWJP EXPRESS Online registration web site.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

Looking forward to seeing you in Japan!!